The quality of regenerated solvent (degreaser)

The main factors, which affect to regeneration proces

1) The differences in a distillation of one chemical substance contrary to solvent mixtures

If a required component is created only one chemical substance and it will not be chemically change during a technology process, this component will have the same or similar quality as a new bought product.

If a required component is consist of two or more chemically substances, we must know chemical quality of each substance (some information are known in MSDS ). If a chemical structure of a solvent (degreaser) will not be changed during a technology process (evaporating, oxidizing , etc.), this component will have the same or similar quality as a new bought product.

The quality of polluted solvent (degreaser] affects the quality of a regenerated solvent. The main role is played in it by worker manners and a kind of technology process.

2) Methods for a quality determination

The quality identification is comparison of an original bought product with regenerated product. We use these ways:
A) Appearance … visually identification, universal usage
B) Odor … olfactory identification, universal usage
C) Index of refraction … measurement by the digital refractometer, universal usage
D) pH … measurement by the digital pH-meter with a combined glass electrode, usage only for chemical product, which has in its structure free H+ (OH-) ion (for example alcohols in water).

This information A-D are written on an identification card, which is on an every label of a drum (canister, container, etc.)

An every sample of a regenerated solvent is tested on the gas chromatograph. This chromatographic record is able to provide an every customer.

The other chemical analyses are more expensive (IR-spectrometric analyse, atc.). Their prices can be told to customer on demand.


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